Earning or doing online business is so so easy than before in the past. Now we have lot of earning platform in the web, and which is of different categories. But today, i will be giving you the latest earning update which you can benefit on month, daily, or even on weekly basis into the preferred account of your choice legitimately using your phone or your devices.
  However earning at the comfort of your home is not so a hard stuff than ever before and moreover, for those who are looking for means to benefit legitimately with their phone, instead of wasting time, effort, energy and data on social sites like facebook,twitter,whatsapp, with no gain. This is great opportunity don't miss it.     REGISTER HERE

 However, some people may be saying what is the name of the site?.  The site's name is WINI. 
WINI is tne number one(1) most trusted, legit online making money platform , that pay members for reading of news, liking, commenting,posting, sharing sponsored post daily and even affiliate. WINI is just a social platform that does not even require the selling of product 
 Moreover, some people may be saying this is another scam, but i tell you that is not. WINI is a social site like FaceBook, WhatsaPP , telegram and other , where you do the normal activities you on other social site to earn real and cool cash. You can be earning from N2,000 to N5,000 daily on WINI, and which are paid in 100% to your bank account.
 NOTE: The main aim of WINI is to solve financial problems making use of the internet online.
                                                          HOW DOES WINI WORKS?
                                                     TO GET STARTED CLICK HERE

 YOU can earn on doing different kinds of easy task such as liking, commenting, opening and posting new or update. Now read on the break down of earnings below.
                                        WINI EARNINGS BREAK DOWN

  •  Minimum Withdrawal  ₦5,000 (only for Pro Users)
  •  Earn Referral Bonus: 75% up to N2,250 each. However, is 100% Optional to Refer
  •  Earn Reading news 200 points Per News You Open
  •  Earn Commenting 80 points
  •  Earn Login to your Account Daily 5,000 points
  •  Earn liking 50 points
  •  Earn Post Article 1,000 Points (Free To Post Many Article and Earn more Points) 
  •  Earn Sharing Sponsored Post on your Facebook & Instagram 10,000 Points Daily
  • Withdrawal Portal is Always Open For Cashout
  • You Will Even Get Paid Without Referring Any One on WiNi As Referring is 100% Optional.
 You can also earn from shared revenue from the site and even as affiliate and also on daily activities.

                                               HOW TO REGISTER, EARN ON WINI AND GET PAID.

  Follow the following steps to register and earn on WINI below;

 * After registering, you will be directed to add your photo, username , full name , account number and other corresponding information.
 * You will have to upgrade to any of the preferred plan of your choice. but note that the best plan is the 3k gold lifetime pro plan.
 * Locate and update your social link, i.e facebook and instagram link , which you will make use of while sharing the sponsord post to earn.
 * open much post and news to earn more.

 NOTE: you can contact me for information on whatsapp @ 08024132662. HAPPY EARNING ON WINI.



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